Bengaluru-bred and L.A based singer-songwriter ASHWYN delivers quite a tasty Seventies guitar-sounding track juxtaposed with textured sounds, lush strumming, his textured vocals and more” - Dave Britto

Rolling Stones India


Indie Rock Meets Electronica.

After five years of success as a producer in the competitive EDM circuits, Bengaluru-raised musician Ashwin Sriram felt the urge to share a more authentic version of himself by leaning into his roots as a Classic Rock guitarist and Pop songwriter. Inspired by his move to Boston in 2018, Ashwin decided it was time to reinvent his sound with a new project. ASHWYN, a variation on his first name, translates from Sanskrit as 'light.' "With this new project, I want to create art without any concessions. I want to go back to the kid who played his guitar all day and created melodies without overthinking the process."

ASHWYN's debut single 'New Life' with Gayathri Krishnan was the perfect introduction to his signature sound with "slick guitar riffs and a subtle instrumental" - EDM Reviewer. 

Since his debut, ASHWYN's star has risen rapidly, with over three million streams on Spotify. The single 'Rush' with Swedish songwriter Pikes and Dutch producer Quentyn received early support from Axwell & Martin Garrix as well as airtime on national radio in the Netherlands and the U.S. With over ten releases,  ASHWYN has caught the attention of Rolling Stone magazine and the BBC Asian Network, and received several Spotify Editorial Playlist placements such as 'Indiestan' and 'Indie Summer.'

ASHWYN's debut EP 'Skar' was conceptualized as a journey through the complex and nuanced emotions of the pandemic years. The five-part continuous EP will release in early November, bringing a diverse selection of music backed by an equally diverse team


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